Marine Biodiversity Observation Network

Santa Barbara Channel

Ocean Ecosystems: Beneath the Surface

Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of species live in our oceans, but we know very little about whether their numbers are changing. Most studies take place in tiny areas relative to the vastness of the seas, or involve fished species only. The Santa Barbara Channel Marine Biodiversity Observation Network, or SBC MBON, was conceived to bring together data on many species in order to inform us about marine ecosystems in a time when human impacts on the oceans are increasing massively.

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Marine Biodiversity

How many species live in the Santa Barbara Channel? Why is the Channel considered a hotspot of marine biodiversity? Learn more about our local marine ecosystems here.

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Interactive Data Map

Research on marine ecosystems is active across the Channel. Learn more about who is doing what in the Channel and about patterns in marine species across space and time.

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SBC MBON Internship

The Miller Lab at the Marine Science Institute is seeking dedicated volunteers who are interested in research, ecology, marine science or scientific SCUBA diving.

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