Draft datasets for Santa Barbara Channel Marine Biodiversity Network

Below are datasets currently in progress by the SBC MBON. All datasets will have EML metadata created, and will be contributed to public repositories. Some draft packages are available for preview (follow URL link, if shown).

Datasets with complete metadata in a public repository can be found in the SBC MBON Data Catalog

  • Plumes and Blooms bottle samples (Siegel lab)

    the Plumes and Blooms project has been collecting CTD and rosette bottle samples in the Santa Barbara since 1997.
    Maintenance plan
    Full metadata (Type A.b). Ongoing time series of data from CTD rosette bottles will be co-designed by SBC MBON and the Siegel lab. Siegel lab will produce datasets and updates.
  • Gray Whales (Gray Whale Count)

    Human observers record sightings of all cetaceans, Sea otters, and rarer pinnipeds. Only Gray whales on their northbound migration are included. Project began in 2004. for more information, see http://www.graywhalescount.org.
    Maintenance plan
    Full metadata (Type A.b). Plan TBD
  • Giant Kelp biomass (SBC LTER project)

    30+ year ongoing time series of giant kelp biomass based on LandSat 5-8, ground-truthed against kelp biomass measurements conducted by the SBC LTER.
    Maintenance plan
    Cited exogenous data owned and managed by the SBC LTER (Type C). Current dataset (based only on Landsat 5) is available here. A new dataset is being designed (by the owners, SBC LTER) to accomodate a) algorithms based on Landsat 7 and 8, b) annual updates d) NetCDF format, with quarterly installments.

Other data sources of SBC MBON

list is maintained here: SBC MBON Biological data sources (requires login)