SCB MBON Interactive Maps

Interactive ecosystem for marine sanctuary

The Channel Islands national marine Sanctuary is using SCB MBON data to inform on the condition of ocean health in the Sanctuary.

Ocean Report

Draw a custom area anywhere in U.S. waters or pick from a predefined list of locations to get instant custom reports. Reports include descriptive infographics and supporting data that can be used for offshore planning, permitting, environmental review, public relations, and more. New features allow printing by industry, sharing, and adding custom coordinates. .

Benthic community from the image analysis

This is a series of interactive maps show the abundance and diversity of the benthos organisms, as well as their community assemblage in the kelp forest.

Relevant datasets include:

Benthic percent cover

Reef communities

This interactive map shows the fish, invertebrate and algae living in the kelp forests and deep reefs in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Relevant datasets include:

Kelp forest fish

Kelp forest cover

Kelp forest quad and swath

Deef reef fish

Gray Whale sightings

This interactive map shows the northbound gray whale sightings by Gray Whales Count

Platform Decommissioning

This interactive map shows the fish biomass, abundance, and somatic production projections under alternative platform decommissioning scenarios

Relevant datasets include:

Oil platform fish

Beach biodiversity

This interactive map shows the richness and total number of birds along the beaches in Santa Barbara County

Relevant datasets include:

Beach bird community

Deep fish community

This interactive map shows the fish density and richness at deep reefs: Anacapa Passage, Footprint, and Piggy Bank

Relevant datasets include:

Deep reef fish